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Positive Anomaly is a unique agency that offers all the experience of a partner that has worked on digital projects for multi-million pound companies but with the personal element of a 1-1 relationship. From photography, to web design, to marketing systems integration, Positive Anomaly will be able to advise and deliver a solution that makes you stand out in a superior way, much like a positive anomaly.

We are based in Haverhill, Suffolk and undertake projects in Cambridgeshire and Essex, as well as the Suffolk area. Check out the types of services we can help you with as well as some of the examples we are proud of.


The beginning of any project starts with a discovery call or meeting. This time is spent understanding your business, your customers and exactly what it is you want to achieve.


Once we have all of the information we need from the discovery phase, we will plan a solution which meets everything that matters to you and present it. This is also a great time to discuss any other opportunities which emerge from planning.


When you are happy with our proposal, we will start the build and deliver the solution to you.


If you or your business require a digital service then we will be able to help. Some of the services we offer are below.

Web Development

A website is the shop window for your business. There are thousands of agencies out there who can build you a completely bespoke website for a high cost or on the contrary, sell you an off the shelf template which doesn't fit your business. Positive Anomaly sits in the middle of that and will take away all of your wants and needs before proposing an approach which will fit your business currently while also being sustainable for future growth.

Website Hosting & Domain Management

As well as building your website, we can also take care of all the domain purchasing, registration, hosting and admin requirements. All of our hosting servers are fast, reliable and you have the option to secure your site with SSL (the green padlock in the browser) so that your customers know your site can be trusted.


A picture paints a thousand words so why showcase your business using out of date, old or stock imagery? We will come and shoot your premises, completed jobs and products so that you can be sure that the quality of your business is reflected in what your customers see

Email Creation

Email is the most engaged with marketing communication but it is also the most used by businesses. It is important to cut through the noise when sending email communications to customers and prospects. Positive Anomaly can create you beautiful emails which capture the look and feel of your brand and help you become more visible to your audience.

Marketing Email Management

Once you have your set of emails and an idea of the campaign you want to execute, it's important to make sure you hit your prospects at the right time with the right message. Positive Anomaly can create automated nurture programs and time dependant communications which ensures this happens. We have experience on market leading platforms such as Marketo and Eloqua as well as entry level tools for small businesses such as Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor

Systems Integration

Integrating your business systems to establish a single source of truth is paramount in today's world. Positive Anomaly have years of experience in building integrations between websites, CRMs, Marketing Automation platforms and Business Intelligence suites. Whether it simply be passing a website lead into your CRM for follow up, adding a newsletter subscriber from your website to your marketing platform or a more complex set of integrations, Positive Anomaly can help you with your data modelling and build your system links so that you never miss out on capturing customer buying signals again.

Every project starts with a simple idea

Do you have an idea or questions you would like to talk through? Or do you think that Positive Anomaly will be a good fit for your business?

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Nerd Time

It's always fun to browse through stats. As a Web, Creative and Systems agency we know how important reporting is. Check out some of the numbers below we are most proud of.


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Our Portfolio

We are very proud of the work we have produced with clients. Click a category below to filter the case studies. Hover over or tap an image in the examples to find out more about these projects.

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  • Web Development
  • Domain Management
  • System Integration
  • Photography
  • Email Creation
  • Email Management

Web Development

Creation of an independently managed website for the beauty industry

Domain Management

Ground up website creation and ongoing domain and hosting management for the events space


Photography services for the beauty industry

Domain Management

Website redevelopment, photography, copy writing and domain management for the beauty industry

Web Development

Project management of global website redevelopment within the inkjet space

Systems Integration

Capturing potential customers and guiding support queries in the broadcast industry

Email Management

Automated nurture campaign build and management within the broadcast industry

Email Creation

Creating stunning emails that light up the Litepanels brand

Our Clients

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